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Abandoned vs. Bonded Titles

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So what is the difference between a Bonded Title and an Abandoned Title.


Very important as a vehicle owner to know which process you can use because if you’re wanting to have ownership of the vehicle not just get rid of it you want to choose the right selection between those two.

Because a bonded title is a very clear pathway to owning a vehicle where an abandoned vehicle in most states do not allow you to keep the vehicle just gets rid of the vehicle.

So we’re going to look at a few states and how that works and what the general guidelines are and even get into some of the documents on how to proceed with that.

Of course if you want any assistance with any of these processes you can look at our website and we can assist you with any of these title acquisition processes.

So here’s abandoned vehicle this is from state of Alaska.

It tells you how to handle a banded vehicle it depends greatly on circumstance please read the description this is a good takeaway. That really kind of applies to all states about abandoned vehicles.

So let’s take a look at an abandoned vehicle in the state of this is in Virginia band of vehicles un inoperable for 96 hours you have to do an inspection.

Okay here’s a state of Arizona how it works here is in Oregon band of vehicles you cannot claim ownership of an abandoned vehicle on your property DMV cannot give you the name and address of the person who owns the vehicle if you remember any one thing from this video this is very common this is going to apply in most cases almost every state has this exact same rule you cannot claim ownership of a van vehicle and they can’t tell you who owns the vehicle.

There’s a few exceptions there’s about six states that allow you to try to claim ownership of a vehicle but it’s still not a guarantee so this is very very common this is Oregon but you can use this same description in many states.

What about a bonded title two letters different a bonded versus abandoned how does this work first determinability eligibility if you are a Texas resident this is the state of Texas but there’s 32 states 38 states that allow bonded titles the vehicles in your possession it’s not junked non-repairable or otherwise ineligible meaning it’s not stolen doesn’t have liens against it doesn’t have to be operational it must be a complete vehicle including a frame body and motor if you meet these eligibility.

Requirements start with this application bond to title application what does it look like?

Well it’s like a lot of DMV forms that you’ll see vehicle information van number year make model what year I’m sorry when did you purchase it who’d you get it from what’s your name applicant address email any explanation why are you requesting a bonded title and then I’ll ask you a few questions do you live in Texas yes or no are you military has the vehicle been titled in Texas yes or no and it’s okay if it’s out of state is it non-repairable salvage can’t have either one of those as we saw from the description are you in legal possession of the vehicle are you in legal control of the vehicle and that’s different if you possess it it’s in your garage.

But you don’t control it because you don’t have the keys or somebody else is controlling it they need to know about that is it a U.S manufactured vehicle meaning if it’s a import gray market vehicle might not work it’s an assembled vehicle like a kit car they want to know about that is the vehicle complete certification you sign it and you submit.

It what’s step number two step number two is you get a surety bond this is a certificate of surety from a bonding company we recommend pro bonds their website is you purchase a surety bond usually it costs about a hundred bucks for most vehicles that are not very high value vehicles and you get that surety bond and then you put those together with that application and then you apply for a Texas title registration.

This very same description applies to almost every state that allows for bonded titles and again there’s 38 states that you can do a bonded title a list of those is on our website at you can see if your state allows a bonded title it’s the best way to get a title when you don’t have the old title.

If you claim it to be abandoned or filed for an abandoned vehicle in most states all that’s going to happen is they’re going to tow it away so avoid abandoned vehicle unless you know for sure that your state allows you to keep an abandoned or discarded vehicle if you’re not sure go for a bonded title big difference between the two so let’s take a look again at bonded abandoned vehicles here’s Oregon all you can do is you can have the vehicle towed from your property and you have to follow some steps.

Now what are some exceptions to that in Arizona you might be able to get a title if the vehicle is not claimed after a proper notification the vehicle be sold at auction or crushed depending on condition what that means is you don’t get to keep it they’re either going to auction it off at the state level or they’re going to crush it what about Arizona well you can do the abandoned title process and maybe you can do a transfer of ownership to you what do you have to do first you have to file an abandoned vehicle report you have to have a physical inspection of the vehicle by one of these third parties you have to send in a 10 processing fee.

The process typically takes 60 days now during that time the owner and lien holder of the vehicle are going of get notice and request for proof of ownership if no person comes forward with proof of ownership then you may be able to have a authorization of transfer to your name however there’s a lot of things that can happen the prior owner could come forward the lien holder could come forward so it’s not a guarantee.

What about oh here’s the form abandoned vehicle report says big letters vehicles purchased or gifted do not qualify again if you purchased a vehicle off craigslist and didn’t get a title you don’t want to file for an abandoned  Vehicle if you bought it from a towing company and they didn’t give you a title you don’t want to do it as an abandoned vehicle because vehicles purchased do not qualify so if the vehicle was transferred to you given to you handed over to you it’s not abandoned right you’re just missing a title in that case do a bonded title what about back to Alaska.

Alaska is one of the exceptions definition of being a vehicle if it’s been left unattended 48 hours the owner of the property which the vehicles abandoned may request that the vehicle be removed the state may then sell the vehicle the buyer may apply for a title in addition to removal if a vehicle is left standing on private property for a period of six months the vehicle may be transferred to the private property owner under this statute what do you have to do you have to provide notice of the claim of vehicle you have to fi file notices to the owners the vin location of the vehicle either by personal delivery or certified mail the giving of notice to consider complete upon return of the receipt of certified mail then you have to put a notice in the Newspaper.

If the vehicle is not reclaimed after 30 days after notice a title may be transferred to the owner of the private property that’s finders keepers right there this is a rare scenario this is only in the state of Alaska and about four other states you can do this it’s also not guaranteed because when you file this.

They need to inspect the vehicle and inspect the documents if there is any type of claim from prior owners they’re going to put a hold on this if there’s a lien on the property or on the vehicle they’re going to behold on this before you go ahead and start filing or claiming a vehicle’s abandon make sure that’s not going to trigger you losing out on the vehicle look at other options first because here’s the thing this process in Alaska it says right here well it doesn’t say on this one it says six months you have to wait.

Right the bonded title you can do in about six days and there’s no disadvantage and it covers 38 states versus six states so compare the difference between bonded title and abandoned title before you jump to gun and try to do one that’s not going to work either way if you want to do an abandoned vehicle filing or a bonded title filing all the forms documents instructions everything you need to do either one is on our website for free you can download the forms print them.

Out file them all yourself for free there’s an option if you want to have us assist in you doing that you’ll see that on the website you can pay us and we’ll do the work for you but first make sure you’re picking the right process so you don’t get shut out on owning a vehicle that you’re entitled to have a vehicle ownership document transferred to you.



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