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Court-Ordered Title Can Be The Solution In Vehicles With Missing Titles

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Are you having trouble getting a title from the DMV? Are you getting the run-around? What if you could go over their head? What if there was somebody that had more authority than the Title division? Well, guess what, there is. There is an authority that can tell the DMV or title division to do whatever it is you want it to do, you just got to ask. Many times the DMV actually wants to give you a title. They want to help you, but their own rules prevent them from doing what it is that you ask them to do and what they really want to do. Sometimes they just need an excuse. They need something that covers their butt to do it. What is that thing? Well, it’s a court order.

What does this mean? Well, think about the game rock paper scissors. The court beats the DMV. So if you want the DMV to do something and you just can’t get them to listen to you or you can’t get them to do what you want, get someone on your side that’s their boss. The court is their boss. 

Here’s an example of where this exact thing happened: A judge ordered the BMV, which is the same thing as DMV, RMV, or other state vehicle agencies, to award car titles. This is a case where a car dealership sold a bunch of cars and didn’t get titles to people. The court said
“Enough is enough, give these people their titles”. The Indiana Bureau Of Motor Vehicles is ordered by the judge to give vehicle titles to 18 customers. 

This is an important thing to be aware of. A court can issue an order on a petition to force anybody to do anything. They actually prefer to right wrongs. If you’ve been wronged by a dealership, by a seller, by a lien holder, and the DMV just can’t do what you need them to do, maybe they’re not listening to you, giving you the runaround or you’re being stonewalled for weeks, months, or years, don’t fight against a brick wall. Get somebody on your side that can force the DMV to do what you want. Get a court order. And it’s not that hard. It doesn’t take that long in most counties. A court-ordered title is a powerful method available to get a title. Many times people struggle with bonded titles, loopholes, and all kinds of stuff. All they have to do is get a court order, slap it on the counter at the DMV, and you’ve got your title. Don’t overlook this extremely powerful method and see if it solves your title problem.

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