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Facebook Marketplace Vehicle Title Problems

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So you bought a car on Facebook marketplace… Great! You probably found a good deal. These are cars that a lot of times haven’t been hit with a dealer markup because it’s a private seller and you have time to look at the vehicle, but there are a few downsides, right? 

One downside is you don’t necessarily get a warranty. You also don’t get a dealer to back you up on your purchase, but in some situations, that might be a good thing. Also, you have to be responsible for the title paperwork. A lot of these cars are sold with no titles or if they are sold with the title sometimes you get the wrong paperwork. Maybe the title is void. Maybe the title has errors or damage. A lot of buyers that purchase a vehicle on Facebook marketplace find that they have title problems when transferring that vehicle to their name. What do you do about that? 

Well, first of all when you buy the vehicle make sure that you get a good valid legal title from the seller and match up the name that’s on the title with the name on their driver’s license. Make sure the person selling you the vehicle is actually the person who is the legal owner, not a flipper, curbstoner, or somebody who’s doing title jumping. Even if you’ve done that there still could be issues where if the person got a duplicate title and the one you have is void, or there’s a lien on it you could run into problems. If that’s the case you have some options, you could do a bonded title for your vehicle or you can do a court-ordered title for your vehicle. 

So if you run into title problems from Facebook marketplace, you do have some options. However, try to avoid them in the first place because it’ll just cost you time and money chasing around a title when the seller is supposed to give you good paperwork in the first place so you don’t have to get the run-around from the DMV and have to worry if you’re ever going to have that pink slip in your name or get the vehicle transfer to you legally.

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