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How to Apply for a Mechanics Lien Vehicle Title

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A common request for a vehicle title is using a mechanics lien

process to get a title for a vehicle in most states the process is similar

to what you see here on the screen this happens to be from the state of Missouri

and it tells you what the process is for that particular method it says to apply for Missouri

mechanics link title you first the applicant for mechanics link title

must be a business or mechanic located in Missouri must have a valid

Missouri address you must have a written work order for labor services meaning

that you can’t just make up and say hey somebody brought this car and you

have to have a work order that’s written signed by the owner

or an authorized agent of the owner so saying that I want you to fix my car you have to

declare that the owner has failed to pay the total balance for work

and the unit has been unclaimed for 45 days or more you have to notify the owner by

certified mail that they owe you money you have to do that within 30 days.


It also says that application for mechanism title cannot be made until 30

days after the notification has been mailed so if you mail out that notification

with a 30-day notice you can’t start doing the title until you wait 30 days

after it’s done then what are the required documents well you see here

you have to have an application for the Missouri title that’s a normal

title application form 108.


You have to put type of title mechanics lane

indicate name and address your make and model that’s all normal stuff and then you

have to have a notarized affidavit for mechanics lien the actual value of all services and

that you had declared that the owner has defaulted on a payment and you have to

sign that and have it notarized it’ll tell you once that’s done what you need to do

you need to have that statement of the outstanding balance along with the

original work order sent in to the DMV with that 30-day notice with the processing fee of ten

Dollars for a title application plus six dollars for processing and you mail it to the motor

vehicle bureau in Jefferson city once that’s done they will send you a title for the vehicle

that you can use to sell the vehicle and I’ll tell you what to do you have to run

an advertisement in the paper you have to post public notices and you have to declare

that you’ve notified the public of getting a mechanics lien this process as described is very

very similar in most other states the typical things you have to look at is

are you a licensed automotive facility some states don’t require that

but most states that do require licensing for a repair shop require that if you’re going to get a

mechanics lien you have to have that license number two is you have to give notice to

the vehicle owner and the lien holder sometimes there’s a time limit if you

don’t do within a certain period of time.


It may invalidate the process and the third thing you have to do is

put notice in the newspaper giving people the opportunity to come forward and bid

on the vehicle once you’ve gone through that process

then you can get a title and either sell it or transfer it to yourself

make sure you’re aware of what the rules are and do good notifications

and don’t try to do a mechanics lane for a vehicle that is truly not a abandoned vehicle at

your shop because if you do when the noted when the owner gets

noticed that the vehicle is being transferred they’re going to get a very

ominous sounding letter from the DMV in most states telling them look somebody’s trying to

get a title for your vehicle they’re claiming that you brought the car in for service

and didn’t pay the bill if this is not true contact us and they’ll give you it’ll

give them a phone number the reason they do that is because they know

that many many mechanics lien title applications are fraudulent and they’re not really a

car that was in for service it’s somebody trying to help their buddy get a title for a car

or advertising the service on craigslist to give them 300 and they’ll get you a title for a

Car they want to make sure that this is legitimate so make sure you’re not using.


This for an improper purpose there’s many many stories of body shops

repair shops that have gotten busted for doing fraudulent mechanics lanes and

even though you may not want to do it in a fraudulent manner if you don’t dot

eyes and cross tees your application may either get sent

back or the title get revoked later because you didn’t follow the

correct process so mechanics lane is a really good process for a license repair shop.


If the true circumstances of the vehicle are something other than this there’s

other title methods you can check on our website to look at what title methods may apply

to you the mechanics lien is not the go-to unless it’s truly a car that was brought

in for service and somebody didn’t pay the bill.

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