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Storage Unit Vehicles: Lost Car Title Recovery

  • 1 min read

If you’ve purchased a storage unit and had a vehicle in it, the transfer

ownership of that vehicle is different than the transfer of ownership of the

other items. 


In the storage unit a vehicle is a title asset meaning that, to

transfer ownership you have to go through the titling process, so start by

getting of some kind of bill of sale or receipt showing that the the vehicle is

inside that storage room and get that from the storage company and then you

could look at things like the bonded title process, the VT transfer process,

other legal title transfer processes to get a new title certificate issued to

you, because unlike other things you can’t sell a vehicle without the title.


If there was you know an old guitar in there you can sell that without the

title but a vehicle needs to have a title before you can sell it into

another person’s name and to do that start by getting a receipt and then look

at one of the title recovery processes at our website and you can end up with

the title in your name.


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