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Title Transfer For Unpaid Storage Liens On A Vehicle

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Did you know that you may be able to take ownership of a vehicle based on past due storage fees? if you’re a storage facility or purchased the vehicle from a storage facility. That storage delinquency may be a way to file a lien against the vehicle in order to claim ownership of it. Now, it varies from state to state, and if you’re a storage facility, you want to make sure you have good documentation for how to do a storage lean automotive vehicle. In addition, you may also want to just buy. the store’s lien and go right to a civil lien, which is another way of getting a title. 

Either way, a storage lien or a storage facility claim on a motor vehicle may be a way to switch a title to your name so that a vehicle that’s left around and nobody comes back for or doesn’t pay their bill can be transferred to your name. Doesn’t it become a liability for the owner, or if you’ve purchased one from a storage lot, can you get a title and actually drive it because you don’t want to have a vehicle that you can’t drive? It doesn’t do you any good if a storage facility has some extra authority to put a lien on a vehicle, or maybe a civilian. And there are some forms that you can sign. We have downloaded documents that you can use in order to get a title for a vehicle that’s been left on your property.


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