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Will Older Cars Be Banned From The Roads In The Coming Years?

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Here’s another ominous preview of what might be coming for the future of older vehicles, whether they’re classics or even cars that are just regular cars that are a few years older. We’ve seen the push for electric vehicles and all kinds of laws about getting rid of older vehicles and getting them off the road. Remember back in the 2000s there was that Cash for Clunkers program that the government put in place to get older cars off the road? And a lot of people thought it was good but many people believe that it was a way to keep older cars from staying in service.  

Well, here’s another example in Nevada, they’re going to really roll back the eligibility for, they call it classic cars but really any car that is older than the 1980s. And they’re also talking about moving that year up a little bit. So in Nevada like many states, they have a classic car plate classic car registration that you can get for older cars. So Nevada is changing that to make the law require a smog check. Classic cars don’t have smog equipment. They’re not going to pass the same emissions. You also have to have special insurance on that car and it can only be driven 5,000 miles per year. 

So think about it. Here’s an example of a 1970s-era Jeep. You have that Jeep is not really an antique car. A lot of people use those every day. You won’t be able to drive it more than 5,000 miles a year. In addition, it can’t be your only car, many times when you buy classic car insurance, the insurance company requires that you have proof of another car that’s your daily driver so they know that you’re not using this classic antique vehicle. So this could affect a lot of people that are lower income. Maybe they just want to keep old cars cause they’re easier to work on and cheaper to fix. Look at this old Ford truck, you know that thing needs a carburetor or brakes or shocks it’s easy to fix you can do it in your driveway. Modern cars have computers and you need special tools. You have to bring it to the dealership. A lot of times people like to keep older cars cause they’re easier to work on. Not in Nevada, you can’t keep that car. You can’t drive that car. 

So not only if you’re a resident of Nevada should you pay attention to this but also if you’re a resident of other states look for this as a trend that you may see spreading throughout the country to try to keep people from retaining and using their older vehicles. And forcing an upgrade to a newer more computerized car. In fact, for new cars that are manufactured after 2026, all of them are required to have a kill switch that could be triggered remotely. So the government or an insurance company or police agency can kill your car even if it’s not an electric car. They can remotely turn off your car. Now they say it’s for the purpose of preventing drunk driving, which may seem like a noble cause. But is it a coincidence that they’re trying to get rid of older cars at the same time they’re making new cars able to be shut off remotely by an authority-type organization?

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