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As a storage facility operator, you have the right to place a lien on a vehicle left in an unpaid storage unit. Find out how it works and how can help you file.


There are common reasons that clients need a title for a vehicle:

  • The vehicle was abandoned by it’s owner with a storage contract.
  • The vehicle was abandoned by it’s owner with a repair contract.

There are over 22 different ways to get a vehicle title to cover any scenario. All of the forms, documents directions, and instructional videos are listed on this website. You can do any of these filings yourself, or have the option to have all of the documents located and prepared at your convenience.

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What is a storage lien?

A storage lien is a claim against personal property for the amount due on an unpaid bill for storage services. Storage liens can be placed on just about anything you can store, but there are specific requirements to placing one on a vehicle.

How to file a storage lien?

The process of filing a storage lien is very tedious and time-consuming. It must be filed with the local magistrate court in the county where the storage unit is located. The form used for this process varies from state to state, but generally requires information about both the owner of the storage unit and its contents. will provide you with all of the paperwork needed to secure your lien; this includes instructions on what information to put on each page and how to submit your completed forms to the court for filing.